Privacy Policy

Last modified: July 22, 2022

This Privacy Policy describes our policies and procedures on the collection, use and disclosure of your information when you use the Service and tells you about your privacy rights and how the law protects You.

We use your personal data to provide and improve the services. By using the Service, You agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

1. Introduction

This Privacy Policy describes the manner in which we, Anisoft & its subsidiary, use and protect your personal information that you provide, or that is otherwise obtained or generated by us, in connection with your usage of our product Swismail (“the Platform”). For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refers to Swismail, and ‘you’ refers to you, the user of the Services.

1.1 Privacy Principles

Swismail has two basic and most important principles when it comes to collecting and processing of your private data:

(i) We do not use your data to show any ads or do not sell it to a third-party client.

(ii) We only store the data that Swismail needs to operate as a safe feature-rich communication service and the content updated/shared by users in their profile.

1.2. Terms of Service

This Privacy Policy is a part of our Terms of Service, which describes the terms and conditions under which you use our Platform, are available at This Privacy Policy should therefore be read in conjunction with those terms.

2. Processing your personal information

We process your personal information on the basis that such processing is necessary to further our interests, including:

(1) providing effective, secure and innovative services to our users; and

(2) to detect or prevent security issues in respect of our provision of services, unless those interests are overpowered by your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms that require protections of personal data.

3. Account

3.1. Account Information

Swismail is a simple email service platform. You provide your email id(used as recovery) and basic account details (which may include username, full name) to create a Swismail account. We do not want to know your gender, age or what you like. We mainly use your data to:

(i) To provide rich and interactive experience.

(ii) To update, secure, and troubleshoot, as well as provide support.

(iii) Personalise our products and make recommendations.

(iv) To analyse our performance, to meet our legal obligations, develop our workforce and perform research.

3.2. Emails

(i). Encryption:

Emails in our Platform use end-to-end encryption. This means that all your data is encrypted with a key that only you manage and regenerate if required. The encryption is done in order to protect your data against us and third parties from reading them and to learn what information is being shared in those emails. The key is auto-generated in your profile during signup.

(ii). Junk mails and Illegal activities:

a. Junk mails: Do not use Swismail to distribute spam or unsolicited commercial mail. Regular spamming of junk emails and complaints against spamming may result in termination of account temporarily or permanently.

b. Multiple accounts:Do not create or use multiple accounts to violate Swismail's policies, bypass the account limitations, circumvent filters, or otherwise subvert restrictions placed on your account. (For example, if you have been blocked by another user or have had your Swismail account disabled due to abuse, do not create a replacement account that engages in similar activity.). Additionally, You are also not allowed to create Swismail accounts by automated means or buy, sell, trade, or re-sell these accounts to others.

c. Malware: Do not use Swismail to transmit viruses, malware, worms, defects, Trojan horses, corrupted files, or any other items of a destructive or deceptive nature. In addition, do not distribute content that harms or interferes with the operation of networks, servers, or other infrastructure belonging to Anisoft or others.

d. Copyright: Respect copyright laws. Do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others, including patent, trademark, trade secret, or other proprietary rights. You are also not allowed to encourage or induce others to violate intellectual property rights.

4. Keeping Your Data Safe

4.1. Storing your Personal Data

If you registered for Swismail from the UK or the EEA, your data is stored in data centers in the EEA/UK. These are third-party provided cloud storage exclusively for Swismail. The cloud storage is completely encrypted during transit and at rest as these data can be images/video or documents shared as attachments with the email. As such, we do not share your personal data with such cloud providers.

4.2. End-to-End Encrypted Data

Your content, media and files attached with the mail, are all encrypted with your public/private key. While Swismail servers will handle this end-to-end encrypted data to deliver it to the recipient – or store it in the database.

4.3. Data Retention

Unless stated otherwise in this Privacy Policy, the personal data that you provide us will only be stored for as long as it is necessary for us to fulfill our obligations in respect of the provision of the Platform.

5. Processing Your Personal Data

5.1. Services

Swismail is a secure mailing platform service. We will process your data to deliver your email history, including content, media and files, to any devices of your choice without a need for you to use third-party backups or cloud storage.

5.2. Spam and Abuse

To prevent cheating and other kinds of abuse and violations of Swismail’s Terms of Service, our service moderators may check emails and attachments that were reported to them by their recipients. If a spam report on a mail/attachment sent is confirmed valid by our moderators, your account may be limited – temporarily or permanently and the respective emails will be restricted. In case of more serious violations, your account may be banned and cannot be recovered.

6. With Who are We Sharing Your Personal Data

6.1. Other Swismail Users

Your personal information may be shared with other users of our Platform with whom you choose to communicate and share information with, who may be located outside the EEA. Please note that by accepting our Terms of Service and communicating with such other users of Swismail, you command us to transfer your personal data, on your behalf, to those users, according to with this Privacy Policy. We employ the necessary methods to ensure that all the data being shared on your behalf is protected and is under no risk.

6.2. Anisoft’s Companies

We may share your personal data with:

  • (1) Non encrypted data my be shared with Anisoft; and our subsidiaries , if required.

  • (2) Store encrypted data on cloud storage located in EU or Tokyo, Japan, in North East USA and in UK London based on user choice to support and improve our Services.

We will implement appropriate safeguards to protect the security and integrity of that personal data. This will take the form of standard contract clauses approved by the European Commission in an agreement between us and our relevant group companies.

6.3. Your Account Information

Your profile name and email Id are available to when you send email using Swismail Platform, although you can configure your Profile settings to manage certain information available to only those users with whom you communicate.

6.4. Law Enforcement Authorities

If Swismail receives a court order that confirms you're charged with an unapologetic crime such as terrorism, we may disclose your IP address and email address to the relevant authorities.

7. Your Rights Related to the Data You Provide to Us

Under applicable data protection legislation, in certain circumstances, you have certain rights related to your personal data. You have a right to:

  • (1) restrict, or object to, the processing of your personal information;

  • (2) correct any incorrect or incomplete personal data we store about you; and

  • (3) request a copy of all your personal data that we store

  • (4) delete or change your personal data;

  • (5) lodge a complaint with national data protection authorities regarding our processing of your personal data.

8. Information That Is Automatically Collected

We collect information about your activity (including how you use our Services, your Profile settings, how you interact with others using our Platform, and diagnostic, crash, website, and performance logs and reports. This also includes information about when you registered to use our Services; the features you use like our mailing service, attachments (including file name, file size, type) and scribe details, etc.

9. Deleting Your Data

9.1. Accounts

You can delete your Swismail account at any time, using our in-app "Delete Account" feature. Deleting your account will delete all your Swismail mail history within 30 days. Be mindful that if you only remove Swismail from your device without using our in-app "Delete Account" feature, your information will be stored with us for a longer period unless you re-login to the Platform. Please consider that when you delete your account, it does not affect the information other users have relating to you, such as their copy of the content/media you shared with them.

9.2. Emails and Attachments

In Swismail, you can delete the mails from your mailing history by selecting the email in the respective mail boxes and choosing to delete. Any party can choose to delete any email, both sent and received, for both sides. There is no time limit for deleting the email history. Similarly, attachments can also be deleted.

10. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may amend or update our Privacy Policy. We will provide you notice of amendments to this Privacy Policy, as appropriate, and update the “Last modified” date at the top of this Privacy Policy. Please review our Privacy Policy from time to time.