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Email content is encrypted so only the recipients decrypt the email on demand. All emails are secured automatically with end-to-end encryption.

Secure Hosting

An approach on keeping web safe from attacks. Swismail is hosted in Switzerland and right to privacy is guaranteed in article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution

Private Email

Swismail is private secure mail,as only you will have access to your account/content. We don't track your location or don't sell your data

Pretty Good Privacy

It is a very good technique to encrypt and decrypt email over the web. It verifies the sender authenticity with digital signatures.

Secure Free Email

The email service provided to you is premium free of cost including all the features of encryption and attachments.

Safe Information

Enable encryption for every email. Use 2 factor authentication for verification. Eliminate spam, phishing and malware. Change your password often.

Secure email
That Protects Your Privacy

Privacy in good hands

The right to privacy shields you from overbearing government surveillance and intrusion into your personal email...

All emails are secured automatically with end-to-end encryption. Unique encryption keys are generated for each user and can be regenerated at any point on user demand.

All authentication sessions are logged so that you can validate your own logs and detect any unknown SignIn attempts(s).

Built-in PGP Support

Communications via Swismail are more secure as users are able to use end-to-end encryption to communicate with everyone, not only other Swismail users.

PGP utilises digital signatures to validate the sender's authenticity and encrypts messages. This ensures that the communication is not interfered with in the network and that only you can decrypt the message.

You can also use Swismail to encrypt communication with 3rd party email providers.

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Where are my attachments stored ?

The attached data/files are stored in a Swismail cloud drive associated by default to every user using the Swismail email service.

How do I encrypt the data in email ?

Once the email is composed you have an option to encrypt the email. Just click encryption which will basically encrypt your email based on your PGP encryption key.

What is limit free uploads ?

User can upload files upto 1 terrabyte. We dont have to restrict files to just 25MB size compared to other email providers.

What is diappearing emails ?

Disappearing emails gets deleted automatically after being read based on your schedule.

What better features you have compared to other email providers ?

  • Encryption
  • Limit free uploads
  • Upload upto terrabytes
  • Separate attachment data to manage them with folders and drives

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